Sho Biz Songs & Dances (Show Biz)

Al Gilbert

Sho Biz Songs & Dances (Show Biz)

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Sho Biz Songs & Dances by Al Gilbert offers eight show-biz songs and dances that include both adult and children's vocals. Many of these dances are perfect for your beginner adult tappers.

Songs and dances included in this compilation:

  1. Sho Biz Kid (Show Biz Kid) is a grade 1 song and tap dance with a *cane prop. Short, Sweet, and very classy! Time – 1:35 (Can be purchased individually - TA0645)
  2. Here We Are is a grade 1-2 song and tap. Showy and exciting! Time – 2:19 (Can be bought separately - TA0240)
  3. Greatest TV Star is a grade 1-2 song and tap. From stage to TV – This is a winner! Time – 2:55 (Can be purchased individually - TA0380)
  4. Ter-ri-fic (Terrific) is a grade 1-2 song and tap. This is an all-time favorite with the audience. Time – 1:54 (Can be purchased individually - T0338)
  5. A Number To Stop The Show is a grade 4 song and tap dance. Great for solo, duet, or group. Time – 2:03 (Can be purchased individually - TA0195)
  6. Nothing's Too Good For Me is a grade 4 musical comedy song and tap dance with a Dixie swing. This will genuinely excite your audience! Time – 1:30 (Can be purchased individually - TA0197)
  7. We Are Happy Hoofers is an excellent gr 2 tap dance to an exciting instrumental. Time – 2:48 (Can be bought separately - TA0046)
  8. I Am The Best There Is a grade 2 song and tap dance. Fun lyrics and very showy! Time – 2:25 (Can be purchased individually - TA0245)

    Enhanced CD Includes:

    • 16 tracks of music (Instructional and Performance tracks of each)
    • Choreography notes are included as pdf files on the disc. Insert into your computer Rom drive to view or print.

    *Props not included

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