Rose Garden Ballet Production Download

Al Gilbert

Rose Garden Ballet Production Download

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Rose Garden Ballet Production by Al Gilbert is a 6-dance production for the ballet department at your studio. This work allows your pre, primary, gr 1, and gr 2 students to dance in a ballet production as part of your dance recital. What a great experience! This double CD bundle includes instructional and performance tracks for each dance. There are a total of 12 tracks in this collection.

Dances in this collection:

  • Rose Princess Solo is a grade 2 level (Intermediate) that opens the ballet production
  • Pearl White Rose is a pre-level ballet dance for your 5–6-year-old students
  • Porcelain Pink Rose is a primary level dance for your 6–7-year-old students
  • Lavender Blue Rose is a grade 1 level for your 7–9-year-old students
  • Sunset Gold Rose is a grade 2 level for your 9–11-year-old students
  • Rose Garden Finale is for all students on stage

Download Includes:

  • Six tracks with vocal instruction from Al Gilbert
  • Six performance tracks
  • Choreography Notes as a pdf files
  • Music is in iTunes format. Drag and drop iTunes files into your iTunes library
  • Cover Art

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