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Rhinestone Cowgirl Download

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Rhinestone Cowgirl by Gina Badone is a low intermediate hip-hop routine created for your 7-8-year-old dancers.

This is the sassy-est, kickin’-est song for your young hip hop dancers. It begins as an old-school, yee-haw song and quickly moves into a quick-pulse groove that really takes off. Your young dancers will love this one! (2:47, 138 Meas)

Download Includes:

  • 4 different mixes of the song Rhinestone Cowgirl with age-appropriate lyrics and content
  • Songs are in iTunes File Format. Drag and drop into your iTunes Library
  • Notes of the choreography on the disc. Insert into CD ROM to view and print
  • Choreography Notes offer staging ideas and light partner work

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