Progressions, Int-Adv Level Download

Aleksandra Wojda Nelson

Progressions, Int-Adv Level Download

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Progressions, Int-Adv Level by Aleksandra Wojda offers 20 passes for you to incorporate into your classes. This movement is perfect for your Jazz, Contemporary, and Lyrical classes and choreography. Video duration 45:33

Aleksandra's assistant performs each pass, and then the teaching begins! Aleksandra breaks down each pass with hands-on corrections. She walks you through everyday challenges and teaches you the most effective way of correcting these challenges in your students. Aleksandra is the epitome of a teacher's teacher.

DVD Includes: Video of 20 across-the-floor combinations; Explanation, Demonstration, then Corrections

  • Chainé
  • Chainé Changing Directions
  • Piqué with Battement
  • Piqué Fan with Illusion
  • 6-Step Prep for Pirouette
  • 6-Step Prep for Pirouette, Variation
  • Outside and Inside Pirouettes
  • Pirouette from the Floor
  • Pirouette to Knee Drop
  • Leg Turn
  • Battements
  • Penché Arabesque
  • Jetté
  • Straddle Jetté
  • Back Attitude Jetté to Floor Work
  • Leg Hold
  • Roll to Floor
  • Toe Rise
  • Rainbow Jump Variation
  • Cartwheel to the Floor
  • The bonus pass, "Jumping Squirrel," is explained and demonstrated - there are no corrections on this bonus pass

    *There are no notes to accompany this video

    Aleksandra Wojda Nelson is originally from Chicago, Illinois, where she trained extensively with Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago. After graduating from Northwestern University, she competed as a top 20 dancer in season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance. Since then, Aleksandra has had a successful dance career performing in television, commercials, industrials, and music videos. She also has been fortunate to spread her passion for dance through traveling across the US, teaching master classes, and setting choreography.

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