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Janice Barringer

Pre-Pointe Class Download

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Pre-Pointe Class by Janice Barringer includes a large amount of information for the dance teacher. Dancers can be very excited when beginning a pointe class; it's also challenging.

Exercises emphasizing relevés and other strengthening movements are an intermediate step before jumping headlong into a full-fledged pointe class. Special shoes called "Pre-Pointe" or "Soft Toe" have been manufactured especially for this class. Capezio, Grishko, Freed, Bloch, Fuzi, Teplov, and Sansha have all made shoes for this purpose. They resemble traditional pointe shoes-----pink satin with a blocked toe but no shank. They provide the feeling of a more complex, more resistant shoe, yet the students are not allowed to go en pointe.

Your students should wear soft ballet slippers for exercises in this class. This class should be taught for 6-12 months before putting dancers on pointe.

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This Video – Music – Notation Bundle Includes:

  • Video of Breakdown and teaching of all exercises by Janice Barringer. Video files are iTunes Format (.m4v) and can be played by most computer video players.
  • Fourteen tracks of music to accompany each exercise.
  • PDF file of Technique Notes.

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