Pre-Pointe Class

Janice Barringer

Pre-Pointe Class

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Pre-Pointe Class by Janice Barringer includes a large amount of information for the dance teacher. Dancers can be very excited when beginning a pointe class; it's also challenging.

Exercises emphasizing relevés and other strengthening movements are an intermediate step before jumping headlong into a full-fledged pointe class. Special shoes called "Pre-Pointe" or "Soft Toe" have been manufactured especially for this class. Capezio, Grishko, Freed, Bloch, Fuzi, Teplov, and Sansha made shoes for this purpose. They resemble traditional pointe shoes-----pink satin with a blocked toe but no shank. They provide the feeling of a more complex, more resistant shoe, yet the students are not allowed to go en pointe.

Your students should use a soft ballet slipper for exercises in this class. This class should be taught for 6-12 months before putting dancers on pointe.

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This Video – Music – Notation Bundle Includes:

  • The DVD includes the breakdown and teaching of all exercises by Janice Barringer
  • The CD has 14 tracks of music to accompany each exercise.
  • PDF file of Technique Notes. Insert the disc into your computer's optical reader to view or print.

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