Pre-Ballet Songs & Dances, Vol. 1 Download

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Pre-Ballet Songs & Dances, Vol. 1 Download

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Pre-Ballet Songs & Dances, Vol. 1 by Becca Retter, offers six ballet dances for your youngest students. Each dance is perfect for the classroom or on stage.

Songs and dances included in this compilation:

  • Ballet Is Fun For Me - Pre-Ballet Song & Dance. Time 2:37. A sweet ballet dance that includes all the basics. A lovely melody to dance to. BALLET IS FUN!
  • Country Cuties - Pre-Ballet Song & Dance. A playful dance that will ensure that your Country Cuties will love to do ballet. AND HOW! (Time 2:41)
  • In My Ballet Shoes - Pre-Ballet Song & Dance. Your ballerinas will love pretending to be a princess, a swan, and even the wind! So much fun (Time: 2:34)
  • Shimmering Jewel Ballet - Pre-Ballet Song & Dance. All the gemstones of the world will be found in this beautiful ballet. Twinkle and Glow! (Time 2:38)
  • Sweet Treat Ballet - Pre-Ballet Song & Dance. Dance through the candy shop and satisfy your sweet tooth for ballet. DELICIOUS! (Time 2:44)
  • Tea Party Ballet - Pre-Ballet Song & Dance. All little girls love tea parties! Dress in your best and use your manners in this charming ballet dance. SO SWEET! (Time 2:30) 

      Download includes

      • 12 tracks of music: 6 Instructional tracks by Becca Retter, and 6 Performance Tracks for your recital
      • iTunes files of each song. Drag and drop into your iTunes library
      • Choreography Notes as pdf files
      • Cover Art

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