Musical Theater Hits, Vol. 3 Download

Al Gilbert

Musical Theater Hits, Vol. 3 Download

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Musical Theater Hits, Vol. 3 by Al Gilbert, include seven fully orchestrated songs from some of the most beloved Broadway Musicals and Musical Movies. Your dancers will enjoy these as much as your audience! These dances will be a great addition to your dance recital or used for the musical theatre classes at your studio.

Music and choreography in this collection include:

  • That's Entertainment from the movie with the same name celebrated Broadway's 50th anniversary. This grade 1 musical song and jazz with *cane prop is an excellent opener for your recital. This dance has easy movement that looks good on all ages! Time – 3:00
  • Stairway To Paradise from the movie "American In Paris" offers a grade 1 musical comedy song and jazz with *hat and cane props. Not too tricky, but very spectacular! Time – 2:40
  • Steam Heat is from the movie musical "Pajama Game," choreographed and performed by Bob Fosse. This dance is a grade 1 musical comedy song and jazz with *a hat prop. This dance will look great on your stage. Time – 3:10
  • Be A Performer comes from the Broadway musical, "Little Me," originally starring Cid Caeser. This dance is a grade 1 musical comedy song, and jazz with *hat is perfect for your beginner adult class.
  • Tomorrow is the sweet classic children's song from the Broadway musical, "Annie, " a primary and grade 1 Broadway song and jazz. An excellent piece of hope for everyone, with sweet choreography for your young dancers to shine. Time 2:57
  • I Can Do That is the classic song from the Broadway Musical "A Chorus Line." This is a grade 3 tap dance that boys and girls love. Perfect for your 9-11-year-old performers. Time – 2:36
  • Hooray for Hollywood is a song first featured in the 1937 movie "Hollywood Hotel." This grade 1 Musical Comedy Song & Jazz is the perfect "sho-biz" number for your recital. Time – 2:45

    Download includes:

    • Fourteen tracks of music, seven performance tracks, and seven instrumental tracks allow a soundtrack for your performers to sing live!
    • Music is in iTunes file format
    • PDF files of notes
    • Cover Art

    *Props not included

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