Miss Fabergé Acro Sparkle Syllabus, Level 2

Miss Fabergé

Miss Fabergé Acro Sparkle Syllabus, Level 2

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Miss Faberge’s Sparkle Acro Syllabus is ideal for ages 5-adult.  It accommodates all types of students, not just the very flexible or talented.  New acrobatics programs, as well as established acro teachers, will learn useful ways of teaching and spotting skills.

The Sparkle Syllabus can work well for teacher training, too.  Miss Faberge is a “teacher’s teacher”  who gives straightforward insight into how to navigate successfully in the classroom - in addition to explaining basic mechanics.

The Sparkle Acro Syllabus is presented in 5 progressive levels (Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, and Yellow) that guide you and your dancers logically through learning & teaching the most fundamental skills that a beginning acrobat must know… Rolls, Cartwheels, Backbend, Headstand, & Handstand.  These are the basic elements upon which all intermediate & advanced skills are built (such as walkovers & back-handsprings).  But you’ve got to master these 5 basics first!

The Syllabus is sparkly, colorful, and uses fun stickers to track accomplishments.  (Stickers not supplied).

Each level has a PDF printout… doubling as both a skill tracker reward system for the students as well as a classroom organizational tool for you (no complicated, fussy class plans).  Best of all…there’s a place for your ideas, too. 

LEVEL-2 BLUE is the “workhorse” of the Sparkle Acro Syllabus. In this level, upgrades are introduced to all the skills that were introduced in LEVEL-1 PINK.  Practical moves for choreography are included.

You’ll need a set of folding acro-gymnastic mats to get started safely.  Just print out the color-coded charts for your students (on card stock, if possible) and begin.


Download includes:

  • Video of the syllabus (Video Type: m4v; Length: 1 hour, 18 minutes; Video Size: 551.9 Mb)
  • My Sparkle Skills Syllabus Printout, Level 2


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