Low Int Contemporary Class Plans, Month 6

Renata Retter

Low Int Contemporary Class Plans, Month 6

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Low Int Contemporary Class Plans, Month 6 by Renata Retter is designed for 12-15-year-old dancers that study at least 2-3 classes per week, preferably ballet and jazz along with Contemporary. This month’s class plans include video files and notes for Warm-Up Technique, Center, Across The Floor, Improvisation, and Combination.

This class plan is from the bundle that includes months 6-10 and is set at an introductory offer price. 

Class Plan 6 includes Video and Class Notes for:

  • Center: Aleksandra Wojda Nelson’s Int-Adv Jazz Technique Warm-Up (AWDVD215), Floor-Work Groups (Try and get all dancers past group 6)
  • Across The Floor: Plie in fourth, open 90-degree passé with flexed foot, walk, walk – both sides
  • Improvisation Across the Floor: no tricks
  • Combo: “Black Flies” by Ben Howard


  • Links to music
  • Easy-to-Follow Notes
  • Cover Art 

Dance Class Plans is a unique, one-of-a-kind, downloadable product that offers teachers a complete class. Each Class Plan offers enough work for one month. Each week builds on the week before, and each month builds on the month before. Low Intermediate Contemporary Class Plans offer ten months of classes.

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