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Kidgroovz, Vol. 17 Download

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Kidgroovz, Vol. 17 by Gina Badone offers 3 hip-hop dances for ages 6-12. Music, Video, and Choreography Notes are included in this bundle.

Kidgroovz, Vol. 17 offers three dances developed specifically for the pre-teen hip-hop department at your studio. All Kidgroovz songs and dances are age and content appropriate for children. Gina Badone has created fresh, funky, and current sounds and grooves in this collection. Your dancers and audience will love these

Music and dances offered in this collection:

    • Wheels on the Bus is an updated version of the classic kid’s song with new lyrics, and a great new hip-hop groove for your 6-7 year old dancers. Everybody knows this song and your audience will want to clap along! Time – 2:38
    • Boogie Woogie Shoes puts a new pop spin on the original hit from the 70’s! Gina Badone wrote additional lyrics to bring this hit to a new generation of young dancers. Perfect for your 7-9 year olds!
    • Like It offers a contagious blend between “cool” and high energy. Your tween dancers will really groove to this one! As with all songs from the Kidgroovz collection, this music offers clean and age-appropriate lyrics and content.

Download includes: (Use iTunes or Quicktime to play)

  • Videos files of dances, step-by-step breakdown and performance
  • 6 Audio files of music (each song includes a performance track and a bonus track)
  • Choreography notes as pdf file

Single Routines with music choreography notes sold separately as downloads: GBCD117ADL, GBCD117BDL, GBCD117CDL

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