Kidgroovz, Vol. 15

Gina Badone Productions

Kidgroovz, Vol. 15

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MusicWorks is proud to present volume 15 of the most comprehensive material for the preteen hip-hop department at your studio. The Kidgroovz Series offers over 45 recital-ready routines and 2 levels of technique to move and groove your dancers. Original music and age appropriate choreography is key - and Gina Badone comes through again!

Routines on this DVD:

  • Hip-Hop Queen is a low intermediate hip-hop dance with a sassy energy perfect for your 7-8 year old dancers. Time – 2:40, 76 Meas
  • Clap’ em High is an intermediate hip-hop dance, set to a club-like track with a driving, high-energy groove. Your tweens will love this one - designed for your 9-11 year old dancers. Time – 2:35, 78 Meas
  • Be You is a high intermediate routine, set to music that offers the best attitude that all young dancers should have. Perfect for your 11-13 year old dancers. Time – 2:23, 72 Meas


  • CD of music included free! (3 performance-ready songs)
  • iTunes files of each song included on the CD. Drag and drop into your iTunes library.
  • Choreography notes included as pdf files on both the CD and DVD. Insert into your Computers Rom drive to view or print.
  • iTunes version of all video breakdowns are included. Simply drag the files into your iTunes library and now you have the information on your iPod!

Songs with Choreography Notes also availabe as seperate Downloads (No Video): GBCD115ADL, GBCD115BDL, GBCD115CDL

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