Kidgroovz, Vol. 10

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Kidgroovz, Vol. 10

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Kidgroovz, Vol. 10 by Gina Badone is the must-have hip-hop dance collection for the 7-12 year old dancers at your studio. Gina combines original music, written and produced with the pre-teen in mind, with exciting choreography to challenge your dancers.

Routines on this DVD:

  • In It To Win It is a beginner routine perfect for your 7-8 year old dancers
  • 9.5 is a low intermediate routine that’s just right for your 9-10 year old dancers
  • Shake Your Body is a solid intermediate routine designed for your 11-12 year old dancers


  • CD of music included free! (3 performance-ready songs)
  • iTunes files of each song included on the CD. Drag and drop into your iTunes library.
  • Choreography notes included as pdf files on both the CD and DVD. Insert into your Computers Rom drive to view or print.
  • iTunes version of all video breakdowns are included. Simply drag the files into your iTunes library and now you have the information on your iPod!

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