Kidgroovz Hip-Hop Technique, Vol. 1


Kidgroovz Hip-Hop Technique, Vol. 1

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Reagan Marie has created this amazing video to give structure to the hip hop youth department of your studio. "Kid Friendly" material includes an extensive warm up exercise that safely warms and conditions your students muscles and trains your dancers in proper placement. 15 across-the-floor combinations are included to further assist you in an exciting Hip-Hop class that the kids will love to attend! Use in Hip-Hop class or "Spice Up" your jazz class.


  • Warm up and Conditioning exercise over 12 minutes long!
  • 15 across the floor combination for your hip hop or jazz class
  • Step-by-step breakdown of each combination
  • Performance of each combination


    • Techniuqe Notes as .pdf file on disc, simply insert into your computer's rom-drive to view or print

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