High Performance Beauty - Junior Stage Face


High Performance Beauty - Junior Stage Face

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At last: a professional quality, entertaining and thoroughly educational, step-by-step application of stage make-up for the specific needs of those assigned the task of applying make-up to a young performer.

This DVD will show you the way to Easy – Fast – Comforting – Professional make-up. Artist, Christine Dion, guides the viewer through techniques that are designed just for children who are, at times, uneasy with the makeup application experience.

Using neutral colors that compliment every costume change, learn to:

  • Create perfect brows (the frame)
  • Design beautiful open eyes
  • Enhance small features
  • Add “show appeal”

This instructional DVD will show you how to achieve a professional, age appropriate, and polished stage face. Competition judge approved, this DVD is a “must-have” for every industry educator and parent of a young performer.

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