Heels with Heidi J - Jingle Bells? (Heels Combo)

Heidi Jarrett

Heels with Heidi J - Jingle Bells? (Heels Combo)

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Heels with Heidi J presents...Holiday in Heels. Join us while we explore this fun & exciting take on the song "Jingle Bells?" sung by the one & only Barbra Streisand! This Advanced/Pro Level routine is designed to be performed in a heeled Character shoe but would also look great in a JAZZ shoe. Perfect for holiday-themed classes or "in-class" performances. This combo is a great lesson in time signature changes. 

This spirited routine will bring the classic NYC "Rockefeller Center" feel into your classroom! A wonderful way to get your students (and yourself) in the Holiday Mood!


Video Info: 

  • Combo Length – 38 measures
  • Combo Time – :49
  • Video Length – 6:47
  • Video Format .m4v file
  • File Size – 63 MB
  • Music artist: Barbara Streisand
  • Click here for the song.


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