Jazz Funk Across the Floor, Low Intermediate Level

Jasmine Hanson

Jazz Funk Across the Floor, Low Intermediate Level

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Jazz Funk Across The Floor, Low Intermediate Level by Jasmine Hanson offers 20 across-the-floor passes for your low intermediate dancers. Jasmine has designed these exercises for your 9-11-year-old students. Perfect for your Jazz, Jazz-Funk, and Hip-Hop classes.

Jasmine Hanson is becoming the leader in Jazz-Funk and offers this collection of across-the-floor passes to inspire you in your jazz, jazz-funk, and hip-hop classes. This body of work includes ten jazz-funk across-the-floor passes. Using the concept of progressions, Jasmine consists of two levels for each across the floor pass for 20 passes. That way, your dancers can work at THEIR level for each pass.

Bonus: Three Center Floor combinations for your classes

Data Disc includes:

  • A Video breakdown of each exercise combination
  • A video performance of each exercise combination
  • Instrumental music selected specifically for each exercise combination
  • Technique Notes
  • Cover Art

This Data Disc will not play on a DVD or CD player. Insert the Disc into the ROM drive to access files. (Media files in m4v and m4a format – use iTunes or Quicktime to play)

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