Jazz Funk Across the Floor, Beginner Level Download

Jasmine Hanson

Jazz Funk Across the Floor, Beginner Level Download

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Jazz Funk Across The Floor, Beginner Level by Jasmine Hanson, offers 20 across-the-floor passes for your beginner dancers. Jasmine designed these exercises for your 6–to 8-year-old students. They are perfect for your Jazz, Jazz-Funk, and Hip-Hop classes.

Jasmine Hanson is becoming the leader in Jazz-Funk and offers this collection of across-the-floor passes to inspire you in your jazz, jazz-funk, and hip-hop classes. This body of work includes ten jazz-funk across-the-floor passes. Using the concept of progressions, Jasmine has created two levels for each across-the-floor pass for a total of 20 passes. Your dancers can work at THEIR level for each across-the-floor pass.

Bonus: 3 Center Floor combinations for your classes

The download includes the following: (Please download to a computer, not a mobile device.)

  • Video breakdowns of each exercise combination
  • Video performances of each exercise combination
  • Instrumental music selected specifically for each exercise combination
  • Technique Notes
  • Cover Art

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