Jazz Funk Across the Floor (Beginner Level)

Tia Jarrett

Jazz Funk Across the Floor (Beginner Level)

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Jazz Funk Across the Floor (Beginner Level) by Tia Jarrett was created for 6-8-year-old dance students. This class features ten passes, each including two progressions for a total of 20 across-the-floor progressions. These passes can be used in jazz, jazz-funk, and hip-hop classes, inspire creativity, and translate straight into your choreography. Bonus: Tia offers five center-floor drills as a foundation for the across-the-floor passes. Video playtime - 25:44

This download is a Video/Music bundle.


Passes included in this collection:

  • Funky Walks and Bounces
  • Funky Skips and Snakes
  • Funky Slides and Snakes
  • Bounce Walks and Grapevine
  • Push Turns - 2 Tempos
  • Boogie Woogie and Push Turn
  • 3-Step Turn - 2 Tempos
  • Kick Cross Touch - 2 Tempos
  • Push Turn and Slide Combo
  • Flash Trick Step Combo


Download Includes: (Please download to a computer, not a mobile device)

  • Video Breakdown of five center floor drills
  • Video Breakdown and Performance of 20 across-the-floor passes
  • Music for each pass

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