Janice Barringer Ballet Dances, Vol. 2

Janice Barringer

Janice Barringer Ballet Dances, Vol. 2

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Ballet Dances, Vol. 2 by Janice Barringer includes three dances perfect for any performance. Janice Barringer teaches and then performs each dance.

Included on the DVD/CD Bundle:

  • Video, Music, and Notes for Hop and Skip - This is a basic beginner ballet dance geared for students who have studied Janice Barringer's "Pre-Ballet" class from her syllabus. While the steps are simple, they must be executed with a straight back, stretched legs and feet, and a controlled body. Included in this choreography are ballet walks, spring pointes, echappés, jumping turns, skips and gallops. (Time: 1:06)
  • Video, Music, and Notes for Mazurka - This is a grade 2 level dance. This Mazurka is a lively dance with many changes of position and patterns. The steps included in this piece are based on Ms. Barringer’s Grade 2 Ballet Technique. Students should be approximately 10 – 12 years old. Pas de basque traveling and in place, echappé, jeté, assemblé, balancé, glissade and several types of pas de bourrée are part of this choreography. (Time: 1:50)
  • Video, Music, and Notes for Scott Joplin Rag - This perky, contemporary ballet dance is for the more advanced dancer. Grade 3 or age 12 and above. It jumps back and forth between classical turned-out positions, to parallel and sassy movements. Fast pirouettes, as well as quick beats and jumps, are required to execute this dance. (Time: 0:58)
  • Choreography notes included as a pdf file on both discs. Insert into your computer ROM drive to view and print.

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