Janice Barringer Pre-Ballet Technique Music Download


Janice Barringer Pre-Ballet Technique Music Download

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Pre-Ballet Technique Music is the soundtrack to Janice Barringer’s 2nd level of Ballet Technique. This level is intended for 7-9 year old students. This product contains 33 instrumental tracks and 33 instructional tracks by Janice Barringer.

This is the downloadable version of the CD bundle. Please download to computer, not mobile device.

While this grade is called “Pre-Ballet”, it is not to be confused with ballet for pre-school aged children. In fact, it is designed for children aged 7-9 in preparation for the serious study of ballet. The requirements for this would be that the child be able to focus and their body to be able to accept rigorous physical training. A year or two of school or other dance activity will prepare the pre-ballet or ballet student in learning to take instructions such as making a straight line or getting into a circle, respect the instructor, and go by the rules. If this has been accomplished successfully and the child has a desire to study ballet, he or she would make a fine candidate.

Download Includes:

  • 33 beautiful piano tracks specifically created to Janice Barringer’s Technique
  • 33 beautiful piano tracks with vocal instruction from Janice Barringer
  • Technique notes as pdf

*Video of this work available on JBDVD8100DL

Janice Barringer’s Ballet technique is known world wide as the most comprehensive ballet technique for the dance studio. Ms. Barringer understands that students of the dance studio are different from students at the ballet studio. Those students at the ballet studio will study 3-8 hours each week in ballet, whereas students at a dance studio study all genres of dance, including 1-4 hours of ballet. With this understanding sits the basis of her technique. Briefly put, The Janice Barringer Ballet Technique is created specifically for dance studios. Included in Ms. Barringer’s Technique are 9 levels. Intro to Ballet, Pre-Ballet, grade 1-4 with transition classes between grades 1-2 and grades 2-3. There is also an addendum to her grade 4 level in order to offer more advanced and comprehensive exercises.

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