Janice Barringer Grade 2 to 3 Transition Class Ballet Technique Music


Janice Barringer Grade 2 to 3 Transition Class Ballet Technique Music

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Janice Barringer Grade 2 to 3 Transition Class Ballet Technique Music is the soundtrack to Janice Barringer's 6th level Ballet Technique. This level is intended for 11-13-year-old dancers.

This class is designed to fit into Janice Barringer’s Ballet Syllabus between Grade 2 and Grade 3. The exercises and steps are a little bit more difficult than those in in Grade 2 and slightly easier than those created for Grade 3. For example, battement dégagé is faster, battement soutenu and fondu are executed with a relevé, the adage is more complicated, and pirouette en dedans is introduced by half turns. Ms. Barringer continues to create ballet technique for the dance studio and this transition level enhances the value of her entire ballet syllabus.

Three-Disc Collection Includes:

  • Disc 1 offers 18 beautiful piano tracks specifically created to Janice Barringer’s Technique
  • Disc 2 offers 18 beautiful piano tracks with vocal instruction from Janice Barringer
  • Disc 3 is your data companion disc that includes technique notes as a pdf file – simply insert into your Computer-Rpm drive to view or print

*Video of this work is available as JBDVD8102A

Janice Barringer’s Ballet technique is known worldwide as the most comprehensive ballet technique for the dance studio. Ms. Barringer understands that students of the dance studio are different from students at the ballet studio. Those students at the ballet studio will study 3-8 hours each week in ballet, whereas students at a dance studio study all genres of dance, including 1-4 hours of ballet. With this understanding sits the basis of her technique. Briefly put, The Janice Barringer Ballet Technique is created specifically for dance studios. Included in Ms. Barringer’s Technique are 9 levels. Intro to Ballet, Pre-Ballet, grade 1-4 with transition classes between grades 1-2, grades 2-3, and grades 3-4.

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