Janice Barringer Grade 1 Ballet Technique Bundle

Janice Barringer

Janice Barringer Grade 1 Ballet Technique Bundle

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Janice Barringer Grade 1 Ballet Technique Bundle includes music on a 3-disc CD set and video on DVD.  This is the 3rd level of Janice Barringer’s Technique and is intended for 8-10-year-old students.

Bundle Includes:

  • CD Disc 1 – 38 Music Tracks of Vocal Instruction by Janice
  • CD Disc 2 – 38 Music Tracks Instrumental Tracks
  • CD Disc 3 – Data Companion includes pdf file of notes and iTunes-ready audio tracks
  • DVD Disc includes all exercises taught by Janice Barringer, then performed to music

Music Previews

Video Previews

*The Bundle price reflects a 30% discount from purchasing individually. 

In Grade 1, Barre work moves much faster than Pre-Ballet, and the students work a great deal from 5th position. The turn of the head, as well as bends of the body, are incorporated into many of the exercises. Also introduced is the stretched or conditional sur le cou-de-pied, relevé lent, frappé with the toe to the floor, battement tendu soutenu, battement fondu with the toe to the floor, both the pressing rise and spring relevé, pas de bourrée dessous and dessus. An exercise is taught to prepare the dancer to dance with one hand on the barre. Small jumps are learned at the barre before taking them to the center. In the Center, épaulement is introduced as well as the Vaganova 3rd port de bras, the small poses of croisé, effacé and écarté and temps lié. A variety of walks, runs, and the polka will move the students across the floor.

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