Janice Barringer Ballet Dances 2014

Janice Barringer

Janice Barringer Ballet Dances 2014

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Janice Barringer Ballet Dances 2014 by Janice Barringer offers two delightful dances for your ballet students. "Polka" is a perky and energetic ballet dance for the intermediate student. The classical music from Shostakovich is full and uplifting, yet at the same time, easy to count. It is choreographed as a solo, but with a few minor adjustments could be used as a group dance. Pirouette en dehors, chainé and piqué turns, and pas de chat are a few steps in this work.

"Red Riding Hood" is a well-known selection from the famous ballet, "Sleeping Beauty". There are two dancers: Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. The level is Lower Intermediate or Advanced Beginner. This is an opportunity for the dancers to become good actors because mime is important to making this dance effective.

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DVD Includes:

  • Breakdown and performance of two performance ready ballet dances
  • Choreography notes on disc as pdf file - Simply insert into your computer Rom-drive to view or print
  • iTunes video files – drag and drop into your iTunes Library

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