It’s Time to Celebrate (Beg Jazz Combo)

April Atherton

It’s Time to Celebrate (Beg Jazz Combo)

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It's Time to Celebrate by April Atherton is a beginner Jazz Classroom Combo for 7–9-year-old dancers or 1st time 10–12-year-old Jazz students. The combo incorporates all the Basic Jazz Steps you teach in your lower-level Jazz Classes. (Jazz Square, Pivot Turn, Chassé Ball Change, 3-Step Turn) This combo will get you in the mood to "Celebrate" getting back into the studio for a NEW dance season! To protect copyright, music is not on the video.

Video Info: (This is a download-only product. You may download this to any device.)

  • Combo Length – 20 counts of 8 (40 measures)
  • Combo Time – 1 minute 12 seconds
  • Video Length – 8:00
  • Video Format – .m4v file
  • File Size – 76.9 MB
  • Music Artist – Jojo Siwa
  • Click here for the song

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