Improving Dancers’ Feet and Footwork

Janice Barringer

Improving Dancers’ Feet and Footwork

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Improving Dancers' Feet and Footwork by Janice Barringer offers a unique class for strengthening your dancer's feet. Proper footwork is difficult to achieve in ballet or other dance forms.

In this video, Janice discusses:

  • The structure of the foot
  • The movements of the foot and ankle
  • Half pointe versus three-quarter pointe
  • Rolling through the foot
  • A variety of foot movements that we see in battement tendu, battement dégagé, relevé, sauté, and piqué.
  • Difficult feet and how to improve them
  • There are many exercises to improve footwork in this valuable class.

DVD Includes:

  • Janice Barringer discusses the structure of the foot, metatarsals, arches, and toes, Flexibility of the ankle, Sickling and winging the foot, pointing or stretching the foot
  • 6 Barre exercises and 3 Centre floor exercises to strengthen the feet
  • After inserting the DVD into a computer, the technique notes and M4v video files may be dragged onto the desktop and used independently.

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