How Ballet Exercises Can Keep You Young

Janice Barringer

How Ballet Exercises Can Keep You Young

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How Ballet Exercises Can Keep You Young by Janice Barringer is a valuable class from this leading ballet educator that has spent much of her career teaching HOW to teach ballet. Most people seek out exercise programs or join a gym to stay in shape. Why not try specific ballet exercises that focus on flexibility and strengthening and dancing to beautiful music at the same time? A valuable feature in this video is the step-by-step instructions on achieving perfect posture. It is the basis and primary focus of ballet technique. It allows the body to achieve perfect balance, which is the dancer's goal, and at the same time, builds a youthful, beautiful body that will not become stooped as time goes by. This class is a demonstrative lecture and will make you a better teacher with the knowledge Janice shares.

Video Play Time – 45 minutes


This class includes: (This is a data disc and will not play in a CD or DVD player. Insert the disc into a computer's optical drive / ROM drive to access files.

  • Posture: Alignment
  • Posture: Lengthening the Muscles
  • Posture: The Upper Back
  • Posture: The Pelvis
  • Strengthen: Thigh Muscles
  • Strengthen: Arms
  • Jumps
  • There is no music or notation for this class.
  • File Size – 531.1 MB.
  • File Format – .m4v

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