Heels with Heidi J – Creepin’ (Heels Halloween Combo)

Heidi Jarrett

Heels with Heidi J – Creepin’ (Heels Halloween Combo)

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Creepin'- Heels with Heidi J. Intermediate/Advanced Halloween combo is here to bring some "Spooky Time" fun your way. Although this Sassy combo is "built for heels", it can easily be adapted for dancers in regular shoes as well. This gives everyone a chance to get in on the fun, whether strengthening their  "heels technique" or simply wanting to partake in some Creepy Choreography for the season. Either way, we hope you enjoy Creepin' on the Dance Floor with us. The music artist has granted permission for music playback on video.


Video Info: 

  • Combo Length – 15 counts of 8 (30 measures)
  • Combo Time – 1:02
  • Video Length – 4:28
  • Video Format .m4v file
  • File Size – 52.8MB
  • Music artist: Brandon Jarrett
  • Click here for the song


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