Happy Holidays from MusicWorks

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Happy Holidays from MusicWorks

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Happy Holidays from MusicWorks offers a collection of 9 Songs and dances to help you bring in the holidays at your Dance Studio.

Songs and dances in this collection:

  • The Christmas Song (TA 108) – Grade 1 Song and Jazz Dance
  • Christmas Time is a Dancing Time (TA 157) – Grade 1 Ballet Polka
  • Dancing Snowflakes (TA 291) – Primary Ballet Song and Dance
  • Santa's Reindeer (TA 296) – Grade 1 Song and Tap Dance
  • Holly Jolly Christmas (TA 358)- Primary & Pre-Ballet Song and Polka
  • Herman the Hanukkah Candle (TA 709) – Jewish Holiday Song and Dance
  • I love Christmas (TA 942) – Pre Song & Dance
  • Santa Claus is a Real Cool Cat (TA 1162) – Jr. Song and Jazz
  • Rock & Rap Santa (TA 926) Christmas Song and Dance

18 Tracks of Music! Each song offers an instrumental version as well as a performance version

Choreography notes included as pdf file on CD. Insert disc into computer rom drive to view and print

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