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Fuzion by Heidi Jarrett. Discover the fun when you blend 2 or more dance styles into 1! Wanna try a switch from regular ol' "Hip-Hop"? Try some of our Jam-eri-Hop. (A fusion of island movement with hip-hop) Or how about a little Afro-Lyrical-Spiritual!!! Got your Attention!!? Coming to you from the heart of Hollywood, FUZION is a great way to connect the dancers in your studio while exposing them to some exciting 'NEW' forms of dance. FUZION will also show how so many forms of dance 'FUZE' together & in some ways, come from one another. With a bit of dance history and a lot of exciting movement, you're sure to love this great new style that's sweeping the nation!

Included on this DVD:

  • Coming Home is a lyrical, hip-hop, world-music-spiritual fusion for your 9 year old dancers and older. This is a three-level production piece.
  • Shake is a Jemeri-Hop, Latin fusion perfect for your intermediate and advanced dancers.
  • Dance Love Sing combines Jazz with Hip-Hop & World music to create an exciting advanced dance.
  • Each Routine on this DVD has a "Performance" version and a "Breakdown" version.
  • Choreography notes included on disc as pdf file. Insert disc into your Computer-Rom drive to view and print

 Music sold separately:  Shake - HJCD106A; Coming Home - HJCD106B; Dance, Love, Sing - HJCD106C

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