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Fuzion Download

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Fuzion by Heidi Jarrett. Discover the fun when you blend two or more dance styles into 1! Wanna try a switch from regular ol' "Hip-Hop"? Try some of our Jameri-Hop. (A fusion of island movement with hip-hop) Or how about a little Afro-Lyrical-Spiritual!!! Got your Attention!!? Coming to you from the heart of Hollywood, FUZION is a great way to connect the dancers in your studio while exposing them to exciting 'NEW' dance forms. FUZION will also show how so many forms of dance 'FUZE' come together & in some ways, come from one another. With some dance history and exciting movement, you'll love this great new style sweeping the nation!


This is a video/music/notes bundle.

Included in this bundle: 

  • The video and music for Coming Home - this piece is a lyrical, hip-hop, world-music-spiritual fusion piece for your 9-year-old dancers and older. This is a three-level production piece.
  • The video and music for Shake - this piece is Jemeri-Hop Latin fusion that is perfect for your intermediate and advanced dancers.
  • The video and music for Dance Love Sing - this piece combines Jazz with Hip-Hop and world theme to create an exciting, advanced dance.
  • The CD includes performance tracks for each piece.
  • Each Routine on this DVD has a "Performance" version and a "Breakdown" version.
  • Choreography notes are included on both discs as a pdf file. Insert the disc into your Computer-Rom drive to view and print


Songs with Choreography Notes sold separately (No video on these singles): Coming Home (HJCD106ADL) – Shake (HJCD106BDL) – Dance Love Sing (HJCD106CDL)

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