Fresh Blood (Contemporary Ballet Combo)

Shalynne Armstrong

Fresh Blood (Contemporary Ballet Combo)

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Fresh Blood by Shalynne Armstrong is a captivating contemporary ballet combo designed for beginning, intermediate, and teen dancers. This combo is perfect for lyrical, contemporary, and ballet classes. You can even elevate the difficulty for more advanced dancers and perform in pointe shoes! The consistent, easy-to-follow tempo music is your canvas for creative expression, whether you prefer an eerie or regal elegance. Enjoy the haunting beauty of "Fresh Blood" in the fall season or year-round! To protect copyright, music is not on the video.


Video Info:


  • Combo Length – 13 counts of 8 (26 measures)
  • Combo Time – 1 minute, 16 seconds
  • Video Length – 26:09
  • Video Format – .m4v file
  • File Size – 311.6 MB
  • Music Artist – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
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