Feeling Good

Aleksandra Wojda Nelson

Feeling Good

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Feeling Good by Aleksandra Wojda Nelson is an int-adv jazz dance. Your young teens will really enjoy the challenge of this piece. Time – 2:27. This product is available only as a download.

Feeling Good is the perfect dance for your high intermediate jazz dancers. We take a classic song and infuse a “now” sound to make this song enjoyable by all generations. Your audience will recognize the song from Nina Simone’s recording in the mid-60’s, and your dancers will enjoy the updated sound. Aleksandra brings back classic jazz movement with her choreography. It’s Real. It’s Refreshing.

Download Includes

    • Performance Ready Music of Song, Feeling Good as iTunes File (m4a)
    • Full Mix of Song, Feeling Good as iTunes File (m4a)
    • Step-by-Step Video breakdown of choreography as iTunes File (m4v)
    • Video of In-Studio Performance as iTunes File (m4v)
    • Cover Art
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