Exes (Heels Combo)

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Exes (Heels Combo)

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This is an intermediate commercial heels combo to the song Exes by Tate McRae. In this dance, you will learn movement that strongly emphasizes the music while also being allowed freedom for personal expression. This combo is great for those who already have some foundation of heels technique and wish to push their abilities in remembering and executing faster choreography. This combo does not have to be done in heels and has a tennis shoe variation demonstrated by the assistant. Enjoy!


Video Info: (This is a download-only product. You may download this to any device.)

  • Combo Length – 12 Counts of 8 (24 measures)
  • Combo Time –:47
  • Video Length – 10:36
  • Video Format .m4v file
  • File Size – 198.5 MB
  • Music Artist – Tate McRae
  • Click here for the song. 

*Explicit Lyrics (Search for Clean Version)

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