Everything Will Be Alright

Darryl Retter

Everything Will Be Alright

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Everything Will Be Alright by Darryl Retter is a Low Intermediate Tap Dance (Gr. 3) created for your 9-11-year-old dancers. This music opens with a light ukulele and a sweet voice. This is a song of happiness & light, good energy & love. As the song builds, the energy picks up with hand clapping on each beat. Your audience will want to be out of their seats by the time your dancers hit their final pose. (Time - 2:48. 69 Meas.)

This is a Video – Music – Notes bundle (Use iTunes or QuickTime to play files)


Download Includes: (Please download to a computer, not a mobile device.)

  • Performance Ready Song, Everything Will Be Alright as iTunes File (m4a)
  • Step-by-Step Video breakdown of choreography as iTunes File (m4v)
  • Video of Multi-Camera Performance live on-stage as iTunes File (m4v)
  • Choreographer’s Cut Video of Performance live on-stage as iTunes Files. What a great way to get Staging and Costume Concepts!
  • Choreography Notes as a PDF file.
  • Lyric Sheet
  • Cover Art


Choreography Single Series offers an all-inclusive product that includes everything you need as a dance teacher to give your students the best dance experience. Media Files (music and video) are in the iTunes format. Drag and drop the files into your iTunes Library.

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