Dorothy Vose Graded Ballet Technique, Grade 3


Dorothy Vose Graded Ballet Technique, Grade 3

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Dorothy Vose worked very closely with Al Gilbert at his studio in Hollywood. This material is the same class that she gave her students. The material taught here is well thought-out and perfect for your 13-15-year-old ballet students. This grade level is the beginning of advanced work.

3-Disc Product Includes:

    • Disc 1 – 39 Tracks of Ballet Technique with Vocal Instruction by Dorothy Vose
    • Disc 2 – 39 Instrumental Tracks
    • Disc 3 – Data Companion Disc includes: 
      • Technique Notes as pdf files - insert the disc into your computer-rom drive to view or print.
      • iTunes files of each track - Drag and drop into your iTunes library

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