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Dancing Props Download

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Please download to a computer, not a mobile device.

Dancing Props by Al Gilbert offers a compilation of 9 fun dances that include props for your 5-13-year-old dance students. This collection consists of 18 tracks of music, nine instrumental, and nine performance-ready songs.

Songs and dances included in this compilation:

  1. My Tappy Doll is a grade 1 song and dance with Doll Prop. Time – 1:53, 50 Meas.
  2. A Happy Face for Peace is a pre-ballet or grade 1 tap with Cardboard Smile Prop. Time – 2:16. 56 Meas.
  3. Tennis Jazz is a grade 2 song and jazz dance with a Tennis Racket Prop. Time – 2:52, 80 Meas.
  4. Watch Me Twirl My Baton is a grade 1-2 song and tap with Baton Prop. Time – 2:28, 48 Meas.
  5. Dancing on a Dime is a grade 3 tap dance with a Wooden Dime Prop. Time – 2:43, 66 Meas.
  6. Pom Pom March is a grade 1 song and tap dance with Pom Pom Props. Time – 2:16, 43 Meas.
  7. A Straw Hat is a Happy Hat is a grade 3 song and tap dance with Straw Hat Prop. Time – 2:52, 83 Meas.
  8. Cat and Fiddle is a Junior Jazz Song and Dance with a Toy Fiddle Prop. Time – 1:50, 68 Meas.
  9. Play The Guitar and Dance is a primary jazz dance with a Toy Guitar Prop. Time – 2:25, 54 Meas.

Download includes: (Songs are in the m4a audio file format. Use iTunes, QuickTime, or almost any audio player on your computer or mobile device.)

  • Eighteen Audio Tracks (9 tracks of vocal instruction by Al Gilbert and nine instrumental performance tracks)
  • PDF file of notes

*Props not included

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