Dances from Masquerade Suite Download

Janice Barringer

Dances from Masquerade Suite Download

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Janice Barringer continues to create lovely ballet dances specifically for the dance studio ballet student. In this collection, Ms. Barringer creates dances to the music from the beautiful Russian play, Masquerade, originally performed in Moscow in the early 40’s.

Download Includes: (No Performances of choreography):

  • Breakdown and teaching of Masquerade Ball is a perky and exciting dance for your grade 1 students. They will love the challenge of learning to move quickly enough to stay with the music.
  • Breakdown and teaching of Masquerade Suite is a combination of a Grade 2 group dance with two Grade 3 or 4 pointe soloists. The Grade 2 girls dance first; then make a formation on stage as the two demi-soloists enter. Near the end the Grade 2 girls join the soloists for the final pose.
  • PDF File of choreography notes
  • Cover Art

Music for dances sold separately and available only at MusicWorks. (JBCD8012)

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