Danceography on Tap, Vol. 8


Danceography on Tap, Vol. 8

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Danceography on Tap, Vol. 8, offers three tap dances by Darryl Retter. Everything has been "dance studio-tested" and "dance recital tested," so you already know this will work. Video – Music – Notes included! This product is available for download only.

Music and Dances offered in this collection:

  • Everything To Me is a refreshing song built on a relaxed acoustic guitar foundation. The song's storyline is about best friends and how, with that friendship, confidence is gained. This low intermediate (grade 3) song and dance will be fun for your 9-11-year-old tappers. Time – 2:45
  • I'm There has a "Bruno Mars" groove that makes you want to snap your fingers and put a smile on your face. "Friends forever and a day, I know that's so cliché, but that's the way it's going to be…." This solid intermediate (grade 4) tap dance will keep your audience happy! Time – 2:38
  • One Love One World speaks of equality, tolerance, hope, brotherhood, human rights, love, and world peace. This song was written and performed by Craymo and is featured on the United Nations project, UNESCO website. This advanced tap piece (grade 5) includes interesting tap patterns and light partner work. Time – 2:45

Download Includes: (Use iTunes or QuickTime to play)

  • Video files of dances, step-by-step Breakdowns, and Performance
  • 6 Music files – performance and radio mixes of each song
  • PDF files of choreography notes
  • Bonus: Includes Progression Connection, 10 Across the Floor exercises included for each dance. That's 30 Across the Floor exercises in this collection!

*Music-only products available for separate purchase - RETCD064DL, RETCD065DL, RETCD066DL

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