Danceography on Tap, Vol. 7

Darryl Retter

Danceography on Tap, Vol. 7

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Danceography on Tap, Vol. 7, offers three tap dances by Darryl Retter. Everything has been “dance studio-tested” and “dance recital tested,” so you already know this will work. Video – Music – Notes included!


Music and dances in this collection include:

  • Miles of Smiles is a fun and youthful retro-swing song that will make everybody happy! The song is all about putting on a happy face and just having fun! This low intermediate (grade 3) tap dance will make your entire audience SMILE! Time – 2:42
  • Change has a “Colbie Caillat” style energy. This song takes on the subject of change – as much as change can be difficult, there is no growth without it. This song found its way into the movie Diary of an Ex-Child Star, where it was used as the theme song. This intermediate (Grade 4) tap will offer fun and challenging tap patterns for your 12-14-year-old dancers. Time – 2:45
  • I Got My Eye On You is performed by Nickelodeon and Disney TV star Ashley Argota. The lyrics are cute, sassy, and flirtatious. There is a slight southern twist to this funky groove. This song is about a girl crushin’ on a guy. “My heart’s beating double time when you’re on my mind. It won’t stop; must be a sign something’s comin’ over me. Should I walk this line?” The choreography set to this song is advanced (grade 5) and created for your teen tap dancers. Time – 2:44


Download Includes: (Use iTunes or QuickTime to play.) Please download the files to a computer, not a mobile device.

  • Video files of dances, step-by-step Breakdown, and Performances
  • 6 Music files – performance and radio mixes of each song
  • PDF files of choreography notes


  • Includes Progression Connection, 10 Across The Floor exercises included for each dance. That's 30 Across The Floor exercises in this collection!


*Music-only available for separate purchase - RETCD055DL, RETCD056DL, RETCD057DL

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