Danceography on Lyrical, Vol. 7

Darryl Retter

Danceography on Lyrical, Vol. 7

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Danceography on Lyrical, Vol. 7, offers three lyrical dances by Darryl Retter. Everything has been "dance studio-tested" and "dance recital tested," so you already know this will work. Video – Music – Notes included


Music and dances in this collection include:

  • The Journey has a gentle groove with silky lead vocals and relaxed harmony. The song shows how the journey to where you're going is more important than the destination itself. Created for your 9-11-year-old lyrical dancers. Time – 2:50
  • Vision of Hope includes the voices of ten 12-16-year-old upcoming pop artists. Think of "We Are The World" but from a young perspective. The storyline of this song covers the hope that the next generation will move this world into a better place. This choreography is a solid intermediate lyrical for your 12-14-year-old dancers. Time – 2:44
  • Just For One Day offers heavy orchestral hits that captivate your audience. The song is about courage and curiosity. Don't shy away from experiences, even if they're frightening. "Carpe Diem" (seize the day) was this song's working title, which perfectly sums up the lyrics' content. Your advanced lyrical dancers will enjoy the challenge of this piece. Time – 3:00


Download Includes: (Use iTunes or QuickTime to play.) Please download the files to a computer, not a mobile device.

  • Video files of dances, step-by-step Breakdowns, and Performance
  • 6 Music files – performance and radio mixes of each song
  • PDF files of choreography notes



  • Includes Progression Connection, 10 Across The Floor exercises included for each dance. That's 30 Across The Floor exercises in this collection!


*Music-only available for separate purchase - RETCD061DL, RETCD062DL, RETCD063DL

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