Danceography on Jazz, Vol. 8

Darryl Retter

Danceography on Jazz, Vol. 8

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Danceography on Jazz, Vol. 8, offers three jazz dances by Darryl Retter. Everything has been "dance studio-tested" and "dance recital tested," so you already know this will work. Video – Music – Notes included! This product is available as a download only.


Music and dances in this collection include:

  • Happy Together is the song you know from the 1967 smash hit by the Turtles when it spent 12 weeks on the top 40 charts. The difference is that this covered song has been updated with an aggressive kick-snare beat and a synth winding in and out of the groove. Your audience will enjoy the familiarity of the track. This low intermediate jazz dance will be a favorite with your 9-11-year-old students. Time – 2:45
  • I Wish You Were Here is a slightly melancholy song with a funky beat. It's the story of what it's like to miss your best friend when they're gone. "You and I may be apart, far away, but never in heart." The lyrics, "One day we will be - perfectly - you and me, " resolve the story." This solid intermediate jazz dance was created for your 12-14-year-old dancers. Time – 2:45
  • This Time Is a song about learning from one's mistakes and being stronger despite those mistakes. A little sassy, with lyrics such as, "This time, I'm gonna do it my way. I'll send you down the river or the highway. Cause I know what's right for me". Your teens will enjoy this rock-pop track created for your advanced jazz dancers. Time – 2:35


Download Includes: (Use iTunes or QuickTime to play.) Please download the files to a computer, not a mobile device.

  • Video files of dances, step-by-step Breakdown, and Performances
  • 6 Music files – performance and radio mixes of each song
  • PDF files of choreography notes


    *Music-only downloads available for separate purchase - RETCD067DL, RETCD068DL, RETCD069DL

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