Dance Advantage, Vol. 8

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Dance Advantage, Vol. 8

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Dance Advantage, Vol 8 by Becca Retter, includes the video of 12 dances for your students, age 3-12. Set to original songs written specifically for your young dancers. The video contains breakdowns for most dances and performances for all dances. (Music sold separately)

Routines in this collection include: (Music sold separately) 

This Is the Way is a preschool song and dance for your youngest students.  This is the classic nursery rhyme with a fun and funky twist. Tap shoes or not – your choice. Your 4–6-year old's will have fun with this one! (2:29)

Christmas Everyday is a preschool song and dance. Created for your 4–6-year-old dancers, this is a sweet and sincere song about the spirits of Christmas. "I wish that it was Christmas every day!" (2:24)

Shine Baby is a fun preschool song & dance that your little dancers will love. Your dancers will shine on stage. Every little star loves to shine. Includes "This Little Light of Mine." LET IT SHINE! (2:38)

I'm Just Getting Started is a grade 1 Song and Tap dance for your 4–6-year-old students. What a great way to start their dance career! YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET! (2:16) 

Work It is a grade one song and tap dance for your 5–7-year-old dancers. Tap or Jazz – you choose! You'll love watching your dancers "work the stage"! Great song for girls to strut their stuff too. THAT'S RIGHT! (2:32)

Holiday is a grade 2 tap dance for your 7–9-year-old tappers. Made famous by Madonna in 1983, this song is all about having fun. And fun is precisely what this tap dance is. (2:40/72 Meas.)

Make Your Move is a grade 2 tap dance for your 7–9-year-old tappers. Watch your dancers bust a move on stage! Positive lyrics are the vibe in this cool song. EVERYONE'S A STAR! (2:16/60 Meas.)

Stop Time Boogie is a solid grade 3 tap dance that your 9–10-year-olds will love. Stop time music offers breaks in the music where nothing is playing, except your dancer's taps! Very exciting! Lose yourself in the rhythm of this contagious song. OH YEAH! (2:23/96 Meas.)

Dream Time Ballet is a pre-ballet song and dance for your 4–6-year-old students. All girls dream about being a ballerina up on stage. SWEET DREAMS! (2:37)

Garden Ballet is a preschool song and ballet dance for your 4–6-year-old dancers. Your little dancers will love this ballet waltz routine. Tiptoe through the tulips and learn to make your garden grow in this dance. BEAUTIFUL! (2:42)

Music Sold Separately as TA1260 through 1271

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