Dance Advantage, Vol. 6


Dance Advantage, Vol. 6

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Becca Retter does it again with Dance Advantage, Vol. 6. This DVD includes 14 routines that are perfect for your studio and dance recital. The level of routines range from pre song & dance for your 2-year-olds up to low intermediate, that’s just right for your 9-year-old dancers. Music Sold Separately

Routines on this video: (Music Sold Separately)

  • Pre Song and Dance: “Giggles and Wiggles”, “The Counting Song”, “My Best”
  • Grade One Tap: “I’ve Got Talent”, “I Feel Good”, “Happy Feet”
  • Grade Two Tap: “Kids Undercover”
  • Grade 3 Tap: “I’m Walking On Sunshine”, “Jump, Dance, Swing”
  • Grade 4 Tap: “Lean On Me”
  • Pre-Ballet Song & Dance: “In My Ballet Shoes”
  • Jr Ballet: “Moonbeam Ballet”
  • Pre-Jazz: “Freeze Frame”
  • Jr Jazz: “Star Power”


  • Break Down and Performance of choreography included for most routines
  • iTunes version of routine break-downs on DVD – drag into your iTunes library, and now you’ve got them on your iPod!
  • Choreography notes included on disc as pdf files – simply insert disc into your rom-drive to view or print

*Music Sold Separately TA1234-TA1247

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