Dance Advantage, Vol. 5

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Dance Advantage, Vol. 5

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Dance Advantage, Vol. 5 by Becca Retter offers dances to 16 original songs that are perfectly age-appropriate in both Lyrics and Content. Becca is known as the one to go to for pre-level dance, and she offers some of the most usable advanced tap as well. Each routine is video taped using age appropriate performers. Most dances offer a step-by-step break down with the on-screen assistant facing away from the camera. All dances offer performances with dancers facing the camera. Music for each routine is on separate Training Aid CD.

Routines on this video: (Music Sold Separately)

    • Pre Song and Dance: “Open and Shut”, “Cuddle Up Cuddle Cub”, “Dance Magic”
    • Grade One Tap: “I Am A Great American”, “Rainbow Island Dancers”
    • Grade Two Tap: “The Pirate Song”, “Put A Little Love In Your Heart”
    • Grade Three Tap: “Tap-A-Tap-A-Tap-A”
    • Grade Four Tap: “It’s So Good”
    • Grade 5-6 Tap: “Carnival”
    • Pre- Lyrical: “Me And My Heart”
    • Pre Ballet: “Shimmering Jewel Ballet”
    • Junior Ballet: “Ocean Adventure”
    • Pre jazz: “Ice Cream Dream”
    • Junior Jazz: “Love Makes The Work Go ‘Round”


    • Break Down and Performance of choreography included for most routines
    • iTunes version of routine break-downs on DVD – drag into your iTunes library, and now you’ve got them on your iPod!
    • Choreography notes included on disc as pdf files – simply insert disc into your rom-drive to view or print

*Music Sold Separately TA1308-TA1315

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