Dance Advantage, Vol. 2

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Dance Advantage, Vol. 2

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Dance Advantage, Vol. 2 by Becca Retter offers 8 dances for your young students. Each dance includes instructional video and performances. Music not included. Songs sold separately.

DVD Includes video for:

  • Tappin’ Jam (TA1195) is a grade 2 tap dance for your 8-10-year-old tappers. This tap routine will challenge your dancers while still having fun. A cadence with a hip-hop twist. March to the beat and… SOUND OFF! Time – 2:14
  • Step Into My Rhythm (TA1196) by Becca Retter is a grade 3 tap dance for your 8-10 year old tappers. This high-energy dance will have the audience on their feet and wanting to join your dancers on stage. GOTTA GET DOWN! Time – 2:37
  • One Love, One World (TA1197) by Becca Retter is a grade 4 tap dance (intermediate) perfect for your 10-13-year-old tappers. This song will give your dancers a more positive outlook on the world. The message in this song will set a great example for all your students. A reggae beat you can’t help but move too. PEACE AND HARMONY! Time – 2:31
  • The Voice (TA1198) by Becca Retter is a grade 4 tap dance (intermediate) for your 9-12-year-old tappers. A tribute to the voice we all know and love. Al Gilbert the "Pied Piper of Dance" is honored in this song that uses his voice in a spectacular way. “RIGHT FOOT READY!” Time – 1:40
  • Country Cuties (TA1199) by Becca Retter is a pre-ballet song and dance perfect for your youngest dance students. Your dancers will love dancing to this country beat. A playful dance that will ensure your Country Cuties will love to do ballet. AND HOW! Time – 2:41
  • Forest Fairy Ballet (TA1200) by Becca Retter is a pre-ballet dance for your 4-6-year-old students. This magical journey passes through a forest with chirping birds, a rain shower and much more. What an enchanting performance this will make in your recital! Time – 2:33
  • Cheetah Baby (TA1201) by Becca Retter is a pre-jazz routine perfect for your 4-6 your old dancers. Your dancers will love this cheetalicious dance! BOUNCE AND POUNCE! Time – 2:23
  • Funky Fiesta (TA1202) by Becca Retter is a Jr. jazz routine perfect for your 6-9-year-old students. This music combines Latin with hip hop to make a fun fusion style. Your dancers will love moving to this funky beat! BAILE! Time – 2:33
  • PDF files of choreography for each dance – Insert into rom drive to view or print

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