Dance Creation, Vol. 5


Dance Creation, Vol. 5

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Becca Retter is known for providing the most usable material for your pre-school classes! In her fifth installment of the best seller, Dance Creation, Becca gives you a class that can really spark your young students’ imagination. 10 fun and exciting playtime exercises you can incorporate into your preschool classes. New props, new games, new songs! *Props not included

Welcome to Dance Creation Volume 5! More creative movement games designed to engage the imaginations of your dancers! Coordination, balance, strength, stretch, cooperation, fun, and excitement are all pert of this class. I hope you have fun with this class - I sure had fun creating it! Becca Retter

Two-Disc Collection:

  • Disc one offers vocal instruction by Becca Retter
  • Disc two offers music without instruction
  • CD’s are enhanced discs that include Notes and iTunes files of music. View and print notes from your computer. Drag and drop iTunes files into your iTunes library.

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