Dance Class Plans, Beginner Jazz Month 1

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Dance Class Plans, Beginner Jazz Month 1

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Dance Class Plans, Beginner Jazz Month 1 by Aleksandra Wojda Nelson is designed to progress from week to week. This product contains one month (four weeks) of class plans, including video files of Warm-Up, Center, Across the Floor, and Dance Combinations with Notation for class plans. This class plan is perfect for your 7–9-year-old jazz dance students. Drag and drop files into your iTunes Library.

This class plan is from the bundle that includes months 1-5 and is set at an introductory offer price. Drag and drop video files into your iTunes library or play with almost all video players on your computer.

Class Plan 1 includes Video and Class Notes for:

  • Center: Beginner Jazz Warm-Up, Spotting Exercise, Center Jumps, Passé Relevé  
  • Across the Floor: Walks & Pivot Turns, High Jazz Walks, Chainé Turn, Skips, Chassé  
  • Dance Combo: “Shake It Off” by Reese Witherspoon and Nick Kroll from the Sing Soundtrack

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