Dance Camp SuperHeroes SuperStars Download

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Dance Camp SuperHeroes SuperStars Download

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Please download to a computer, not a mobile device.

Dance Camp SuperHeroes SuperStars by Becca Retter is a complete class for your preschool students. Everybody loves Superheroes, and this class includes songs and exercises based on the Super Hero theme. Of course, you can use these tracks anytime: class, workshop, recital, dance camp, preschool, daycare, whenever! Total playtime - 24:05

This class includes a welcome song, stretch song, creative movement, technique, songs with props, and even a full dance!


Download Includes:

  • Nine tracks with vocal instruction from Becca Retter
  • Ten tracks without instruction
  • Class Notes as PDF files
  • Music is in iTunes format. Drag and drop iTunes files into your iTunes library.
  • Cover Art

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