Dance Adventure, Vol. 4 Download

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Dance Adventure, Vol. 4 Download

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Dance Adventure, Vol. 4 by Becca Retter is a complete preschool jazz class. Your 3-6 yr old students will love how this class stimulates their imagination while learning safe jazz movements designed to improve coordination, strength, balance, and agility. Warm-up includes plié, stretch, and flat back. Head and shoulders comprise the isolation section. The floor stretch warms up and stretches your students' feet, ankles, and legs and teaches the difference between a flat back and a straight back. The center floor section works weight changes that include the exercises jazz squares, touch side-together, touch front together, and side touchback. There is also a complete 80-measure dance called "Cheetah Baby"! Indeed, an immense amount of material!

Download Includes:

  • Forty tracks of music in iTunes format as aac/m4a files. Drag and drop it into your iTunes Library
  • 20 Tracks with vocal instruction by Becca Retter
  • 20 Tracks with no vocal instruction
  • PDF file of class notes

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